Ryan Lewell

Ryan is our resident Kiwi, raised in the coastal city of Auckland, New Zealand.

After graduating from university with a degree in English Literature, he decided to do what many disillusioned Arts majors do: wander aimlessly around the globe. Ryan spent most of the last decade working in various fields in different countries, with stints in Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, before finally settling in Montreal.

Ryan fell in love with cask ale while managing a country pub in Wiltshire, England. His first homebrew experiments followed soon after, and were a spectacular failure by all accounts. Several years and many hundreds of pints later, he found a home in Montreal and took up the mash paddle once again, thankfully with better results.

Ryan’s passion for beer has allowed him to pursue a career in brewing, a fact for which he is very grateful. He intends to use his experience at the Brewmaster program to break into the industry, with the eventual goal of opening his own brewpub.

For Project Brew, Ryan will be brewing a Red (Hot) IPA with mango and habanero peppers.