Megan Good

Megan is a German-Canadian-Kiwi (Mother is German-Canadian, Father is from New Zealand) and was born in Kitchener, Ontario.

Being raised with such a multicultural background has given her an unique outlook, which translates into her lifestyle, future aspirations and into her beers. You can see the influence of her background in the beers she has brewed thus far such as her Dunkel Bock from last semester.

Megan’s previous education includes General Business as Seneca College, as well as Bar Management at Conestoga College. She has also worked for over 6 years in the bar industry from restaurants to craft beer bars, giving her the experience and skills needed for achieving her dream of opening a small brew pub in New Zealand with her Fiancee. Megan also loves to experiment with various beer styles and flavours, which you can see in her latest creation; a Blackberry Mango Wheat Ale which she is very excited to share at Project Brew.