Mario Maduro

Mario is our South American friend. He came all the way from Brazil to pursue a career in brewing. As a true Brazilian, throwing barbecues and serving beer come standard when bringing friends together. One day, a friend of his brought him his first craft beer and the world stopped spinning and a new world – full of possibilities – was created.

After finishing a diploma in Biology, Mario learned he could combine his knowledge in science with his passion for homebrewing. Bored with his 12-hours-a-day-behind-a-computer-in-an-office-type job, he began investing in his hobby of 8 years with plans for something larger.

After brewing quite successfully in his backyard, Mario decided he was ready to follow his heart and turn homebrewing into a profession. A year into his brewmaster studies here in Canada, Mario has fallen in love with our country and plans on staying here in pursuit of the Canadian craft brewers dream. Come and celebrate Mario´s new life with us and enjoy his Session Wheat IPA; a refreshing and easy-drinking beer for Canada´s hot summer days!