Kim Lucas

Born in Toronto, but relocated at the young age of 3 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kim spent the next ten years of her life moving back and forth between KL and Tokyo, Japan. Eventually landing back in Canada, Kim and her family lived in Montreal throughout her teen years, where she consumed lots of delicious Quebec beers (when she was legal of course).


Working as an Event Manager by day and taking Prud’homme lessons by night, Kim soon realized that she wanted to know everything about beer, from recipe development to consumption, which landed her right here at Niagara College.


Hoping to one day run her own show, Kim is very interested in recipe development and experimentation and would like to bring her knowledge to the glasses of the masses.


This summer, Kim will be combining two of her favourite beer ingredients in a light and refreshing tea and fruit beer. Using the delicate floral sweetness of Chamomile tea and the beautiful aroma and slight tangy taste of Passionfruit, Kim will be marrying these flavours in a Chamomile Passionfruit Wheat Beer.