Joe Faint (Totem Pole)

Joe currently lives in Burlington, Ontario but originally comes from Leicestershire in the UK, growing up on a picturesque farm. He has been in this beautiful part of the world for over 2 years now and loves the summer (he is less keen about the winters though!) He moved here with his wife and they have a beautiful 2-year-old girl.

While Joe’s passion for beer started with his basic love of the liquid, working and managing pubs back in the UK also gave him a passion for pouring the perfect pint. Working for some of the best-known breweries in the UK, he became especially fascinated with the processes involved in making a great pint of cask ale. His farming roots also fuel that interest, seeing the beer go from grain to glass.

Joe currently works at a local brewery assisting the brewers, which he enjoys immensely and hopes to carry on working well beyond the Niagara brewing program. Eventually he would like to open a destination brewpub of his own, either here or back home in the UK. (Although in the Caribbean also sounds appealing!)

For Project Brew Joe has brewed “Tropic Like It’s Hot,” which is a juicy and hazy New England style IPA. There will be big flavours of mango, passionfruit, guava, and papaya along with apricot, peach and citrus. This is a dense and hazy, but refreshingly juicy IPA that will be the perfect beer in the summer heat at Project Brew.