Duncan Cowie
(Expo 67)

Duncan is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but unfortunately had to leave when he went off to grad school in Ontario and then Quebec. With his wife and two young boys back in Hudson, Quebec, when Duncan isn’t in class, in the brewery, or in the lab (not being seen there regularly by some doesn’t mean he isn’t there) stressing out about one of his beers, he’s usually somewhere on the 401, jacked-up on caffeine, driving to and from la belle province once every two weeks.

Duncan used to study history for his graduate degrees, and even became an archivist, researcher, and editor in Montreal. However, it was during his history doctoral studies that he became interested in the history of beer and brewing, and began home brewing. After making some historical brews on his own, managing not to poison anyone, and finally recognizing that there are no jobs in either history of archives, Duncan came to Niagara College to learn more about the science of brewing, as well as how to brew well and consistently on a larger scale.

Duncan hopes to start in the brewing industry by working at a brewery in the Montreal/western Quebec/eastern Ontario area. Someday, after his student loans are finally paid off, he would like to open his own microbrewery (either in the Montreal area or back home in the promised land) specializing in recreating a wide range of historical beers, based upon original recipes and other primary source records.

Usually trying to make something from the past, Duncan has gone crazy experimental for Project Brew and has made an ice cream beer in a glass. Made with real mint and lots of chocolate, his mint chocolate milk stout is a dark and rich beer that smells like an After Eight and tastes like mint chocolate ice cream.