Time Flies

Can you believe Santa came to us!?

Remember this photo? This was the first photo we put up as a class a few months ago. We’re excited to say that Project Brew is almost upon us. We’re happy to be done, sad to be leaving, and ready to show you all the fruits (beers) of our labour!


We’ll be preparing our full list of beers for you very soon, check out the beer list page for details.




Here’s how we look now, almost a year to the date of the previous picture. It’s been quite a time here at Niagara, but time doesn’t wait for anyone, naturally we must move on.

We hope to see you all on Friday! Come and have this last hurrah with us

Graduate Profile: Connor Campbell


Hometown: St. Thomas

Connor was always a fan of beer. Before coming to the Brewmaster program, he worked at Railway City Brewing Company in St. Thomas with fellow graduate Taylor. Working in both retail and assisting on beer production made Connor realize that this career path was for him. Interest in the craft industry stemmed from trying Amsterdam Brewing’s Boneshaker IPA for the first time.


Connor is a huge fan of stouts, and he has decided to brew his own stout for project brew. His favourite food pair with stouts are shawarma.

Aside from crafting beers, Connor also crafts music, as an aspiring musician. He has played guitar for many years as his picture might indicate. He is also a massive Led Zeppelin fan. Come rock out with Connor on December 9th!



And like that, our graduating class list is complete! Stay tuned as we continue to update all of our beer reveals through the last two weeks before Project Brew!

Graduate Profile: Matthew Grosfeld

Nickname: Braumeister-Gprofile_matt

Hometown: Toronto/New York City/London, On

Matt began working in the service industry in 1998, at a small neighbourhood pub in Toronto called The Bow and Arrow. This pub was one of the first of its kind, specializing in local craft beer and locally sourced ingredients for the food menu. It was this environment where Matt first gained a real understanding of the importance of beer quality and freshness.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Cinema Studies and Music, Matt continued to work in beer-oriented restaurants while pursuing a career in music. Working as a freelance singer throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States, Matt began to foster a strong appreciation for the history of brewing culture, and eventually decided to pursue a career in brewing.

Matt enjoys a wide variety of beer styles, and will gravitate to one or the other depending on the time of year. Some may find it interesting that Matt was in a Celine Dion video as a young boy, for which he was paid $50 (a tidy sum in 1988).

Graduate Profile: Taylor McBain

Nickname: McBass, Tyleurprofile_taylor-jpg

Hometown: St. Thomas

Taylor was already familiar with brewing long before Niagara College, having worked at Railway City Brewing Company in his native St. Thomas. He worked a variety of roles from events to tours, retail, and deliveries. Obviously Taylor believed the brewing life was for him, and sought to learn everything he could about brewery operations.

He initially wanted to work in brewing because he found the design and fermentation process as fascinating as he found the end product delicious. He also enjoys the hands-on and creative aspects that are typical in the craft industry.

Taylor’s favourite styles are English brown ales and German-influenced black lagers,
his favourite hangover foods are without question: steak and eggs.

Before brewing, Taylor originally worked in the signage industry, making custom signage for patrons. profile_taylorsecondaryHis greatest claim to fame is being chased by a pack of spider monkeys in Guatemala and he is a huge fan of dogs; most specifically this dog.